Published: 25. September 2021

Product Updates: July – September 2021

Ready for exciting news? If you haven’t already checked out our latest cool additions to Trackunit Manager and Trackunit Go, here’s a quick look at what we’ve shipped recently.

Manager served up as you prefer it

Everything just gets easier with the right settings – but what’s right differs from person to person. With Personal preferences you can customize Manager according to your liking. And now we’ve made it even easier for you. We have removed the globe button previously used to change localization from the top menu in Manager. Instead all the personal settings can now be found in a dedicated Personal preferences page where you can:

  • Change your language settings
  • Change the displayed timezone
  • Choose your preferred system of measurement

Find the Personal settings under Preferences by clicking your profile icon in the top right menu.  

Streamlined Asset Home and Machine Home

With tools, attachments and accessories becoming part of your digital fleet management through Trackunit Kin, a new Asset Home entered both Trackunit Manager and Trackunit Go.

With the purpose of unifying and simplifying, we have updated the design and interface of the Machine Home in Trackunit Go to go hand in hand with the Asset Home. We have listened to a lot of the feedback received on the previous Machine Home and are now delivering a simpler overview with all the necessary information, delivered faster and wrapped in an updated design.

In the new Machine Home, you get quick access to:

  • Directions
  • Issue reporting
  • Specifications
  • Geofence alarm setup
  • Current location
  • Events
  • Utilization
  • Machine insights
  • Alarms
  • Telematics particulars
  • Input/output connections  

Getting ISO data back in time 

Our ISO15143-3 API supports the ISO standardization of Telematics APIs for all equipment related data. ISO15143-3 API is a standard for harmonizing data from a mixed fleet allowing for fleet-wide analysis and action. It is based on dirt-moving equipment and consists of approx. 20 defined values.

We have now extended this API with the time series endpoint. This allows you to work with asset data over a specific time period and moreover, it also includes CAN faults. Requests can be made per 15th minutes.

With the time series end point you can now use the ISO15143-3 API instead of the Classic API’s Unit History, Unit Extended and Unit Active Faults. 

Your remote diagnostics game is expanding   

Your possibilities for remotely analyzing the latest machine readings are increasing. Machine Insights now also includes inputs 1-4 as well as Temperature 1 sensor data. 

Combine the different input status (on/off) or the temperature data with the other machine insights to better understand what is causing a machine issue, and get the machine back and running.

Find input 1-4 under Advanced Sensors and the readings from the temperature 1 sensor under the Ambient Air Temperature insight. 

What’s Next?

More and more beta releases are coming out in Trackunit Manager. Our beta releases give you the possibility to test out upcoming product capabilities while they undergo fine-tuning. 

Right now you can try out both Reports and Groups.


The core capabilities of the Classic reports are being migrated into four new standard reports in Trackunit Manager.

Right now three reports are ready for trying out:

  • Exception report for activity deviation
  • Utilization report for fleet performance
  • Trip report for distance and time spent traveling


Dig into all the details about your machine’s movement. You get the precise details of the machine trip or geolocations, including route on map, max speed, address, longitude, latitude and dot on the map. 

Find Movement in the Machine Home menu. 

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Published: 25. September 2021

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