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Welcome to Trackunit Predict Consulting
At Predict Consulting, we are committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to digital strategy and telematics transformation.

Make the right decisions. Leverage data-driven analysis.

From Big Data to Small Decisions

From Big Data to Small Decisions
Today, telematics delivers significant productivity gains across the industry. There are endless opportunities for growth when OEMs, rentals, dealers and contractors connect. Connectivity enables you to leverage data-driven analysis, ensuring you can make the right decisions at the right time.

What’s your goal today?

Our impact on your business

Digital Strategy

Disrupt with game-changing digital strategies

Value Assessment

Assess your digital business impact holistically with game-changing digital strategies

Concept Development

Create stunning
digital experiences and products

Business optimization

Make Big Data Make a Big Difference in Your Daily Operations

New technology is not as important as the behaviour it enables

We Work With You to Drive Impact Through Behaviour Change

Brand & Data

Analyze your parameters to produce the best representation of usage for the ecosystem making you the preferred partner.

Analytics and Insights

Remotely identify and resolve device issues for customers. Enable support teams to resolve issues independently.

Revenue Generation

Quality data on e.g. the battery incl. condition and predictability would helpon-site personel to lower costs and increase profitability.

Connecting Construction

We have part of the solution, but if we are to succeed in this mission, we need to work.

Delivering an Impact on Your Business

Stay ahead of the innovation curve and bring your stakeholders to life in new ways by leveraging Trackunits Predict Consulting expertise


Increased market share for top 100 construction rental within 1Y of digital strategy implementation

€ 50M+

cost savings For top100 construction rental within 1Y

€ 200M

in additional revenue for top25 construction OEM through IoT products and services over 3Y

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