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With Rental Company GSV

A New Billing System That Benefits All

GSV, like many other rental companies, offered two contract options. A blanket fee, or a personalized agreement. These solutions were inadequate for both GSV and their customers. Trackunit was able to help them eliminate the use of outdated billing agreements and introduce a system that would help GSV bill their customers for actual usage.


The blanket price, based on average usage, left customers feeling frustrated. The machines were rarely used for the 8 hours, so they were paying too much for their rental. On the other hand, the personalized agreements were rarely honored, and it was a tedious manual task for GSV to follow up with customers.


Many hours were spent following up with customers about differences in agreed usage. Disagreements and misunderstandings were inevitable and both GSV and their customers were left vulnerable. GSV needed to be able to:

  • Create reports that show actual machine usage
  • Base their rental jobs on the task that was being agreed upon
  • Give customers greater freedom in the use of machines
  • Charge for the correct usage and avoid disagreements or misunderstandings

“In the beginning, I used to personally call each customer and clarify the information the reports gave me. I did so to clarify any misunderstandings or disagreements.”

Henrik Malthe, Rental Assistant


Trackunit was able to provide GSV with a straightforward and complete overview of every piece of equipment. They could avoid using their blanket charge that had been problematic for the customer. They could also scrap the use of ambiguous agreements. With this new process, GSV were able to charge the customers based on actual machine usage.


There was no longer a need to predetermine the number of hours based on average use or intended use. GSV customers could feel comfortable renting machines, knowing that they would be billed for the correct usage.

“Before the implementation of telematics, we charged our customers based on outdated parameters. But data-driven insights enable us to make exact charges according to actual hours – even during evenings and weekends.”

Henrik Malthe, Rental Assistant

This has allowed GSV to create a more trusting relationship with their customers. Leading to greater customer satisfaction and significant increases in the company’s revenue.


GSV is Denmark’s largest rental company. Whether the task calls for small equipment or large off-highway vehicles, GSV is the right destination. Their machines are used to build Denmark’s highways, bridges, and metros.

Company size

200+ employees



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