Customer Success Story

With Rental Company CBS Rentals

Eradicating the Uncertainty Factor

Machine downtime and unforeseen costs. That was the reality for CBS Rentals. Before adopting telematics, they were observing losses due to machine maintenance and repair. They needed to find a solution that could eliminate costs and provide a transparent solution to their customers.



In 2015, CBS Rentals was relying on manual processes to deliver service to their customers. It created ambiguity both internally and externally. This led to unforeseen costs and problems with machine maintenance. CBS needed to find a way to provide clarity that would uncover the source of these costs and provide value.


Providing a valuable solution would require a telematics system that:

  • Could reduce the uncertainty of service calls
  • Minimize the need to send a service technician to the field
  • Provide an overview of several assets on large job sites
  • Deliver a transparent solution that pushes for innovation


CBS Rentals is a fast-growing rental company in the south-central United States. They strive to provide superior equipment and legendary customer service. They achieve this by following their legacy’s values of integrity, service, innovation, and performance.

Company size

200 employees



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“There were a lot of service calls, and a lot of unknown variables in those service calls. We were relying on the information that was being given to us over the phone.”

Ethan Tucker, Director of Business Development


When CBS Rentals decided to implement telematics into their business’ processes, they sought to find the perfect match. What stood out about Trackunit was not only the easy to use software, but the people. Because of Trackunit’s transparency in how they further develop their products, CBS Rentals could provide their transparent solution to their customers. The Trackunit solution has given them a tool to minimize unexpected costs. They can now focus on providing excellent service to their customers.


CBS Rentals has been able to significantly cut costs and streamline their processes. Where their fleet previously averaged 10% down, they have been able to cut that down to 3.6%. They’ve also been able to reduce their repair and maintenance expenses by 50%.

The relationship has enabled CBS Rentals to leave behind manual processes and welcome the use of data. They are well on their journey to eliminating downtime and can provide their customers with transparency and a sense of trust in their ability to provide high-quality services.


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